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Instructional Videos

YO YO YO…You are taking the first steps to learn more tricks with your circus equipment and that’s AWESOME! The videos below will assist you in learning “basic techniques” with each piece of equipment, as well as go over a variety of tricks. Be sure that your all of your “basic techniques” are correct before moving on to tricks. You will find that tricks will come much easier if you are standing in the proper place and holding the equipment the right way. Each piece of equipment has a different technique to get the “basic” spin or pattern going...pay close attention and work on that for great results!

TRICK TIME! The tricks we have selected on the videos to share with you are ones that we have discussed while you were in a workshop with a Cirque du Jour coach. Again, technique is a huge factor to succeeding with these tricks. Watch each trick, take your time, and practice until you can do it, and do it again…. and then do it one more time. It is better to be amazing with two tricks for your circus performance than just ok with a bunch!

Scarf Juggling
Devil Sticks
Ball Juggling
Chinese Yo-Yo
Plate Spinning

Cirque Du Jour and our staff of professional circus coaches want to offer students the chance to experience the exciting world of the circus, not by watching, but by doing. We want students to feel a great sense of achievement as they are challenged with age-old skills.Students will use their imaginations and be creative on their circus journey, as well as learning a few unique skills along the way. Our goal is for students to have fun in a safe and non competitive environment.

Cirque du Jour can turn your school, camp or special event into a real circus!

Not only does Cirque du Jour provide awesome hands on circus experiences for children of all
ages in schools and camps, we also produce exciting and amazing live circus shows.
Please visit www.cirquedujour.com for more information.


There are many different places to purchase equipment…… here are a few suppliers we recommend:

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